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TinyML4D Academic Network

With support from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) a first group of 20 Universities joined the network in Summer 2021 and another 20 in Summer 2022.

We have also partnered with the Edge Impulse Academic Network to further expand our reach by co-promoting events, workshops, seminars, and activities!

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TinyML is a cutting-edge field that brings the transformative power of machine learning (ML) to small low-power and low-cost computing devices. The advent of TinyML offers new opportunities for complex on-device ML applications and research. For example, as these devices are inexpensive, students can use them for their school practicals and experiments, and with their low power requirements they can be widely deployed to positively impact society. With support from the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP), the TinyML4D working group is building a network of academic institutions, based in Developing Countries, interested in expanding access to Applied Machine Learning by establishing best practices in education. We aim to ultimately develop a community of researchers and practitioners focused on both improving access to TinyML education and enabling innovative solutions for the unique challenges faced by Developing Countries.

Network activities include:

  • Joint workshops and seminars on TinyML with lab sessions hosted by and for network members
  • An online forum to consolidate the TinyML community of researchers, educators, and practitioners
  • Exchange of student projects, lesson plans, real-world deployments and outreach materials

To learn more about our past seminars, workshops, and other events, please view our past events page.

Students from network member Universities will be well positioned to excel in the HarvardX Professional Certificate in Tiny Machine Learning, a free, three course, online MOOC specialization that dives deeper into the world of Tiny Machine Learning, as well as the Introduction to Embedded Machine Learning on Coursera, and all of the other MOOC courses on the TinyMLedu courses page.

With support from our sponsors, member universities will each be given ten Arduino Tiny Machine Learning Kits for free which they can use for the hands-on lab components of the specialization and for further exploration of the opportunities and challenges of deploying and testing their own TinyML projects.

You can contact the TinyML4D committee with any questions regarding this network or the workshops at

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