How can I use ML in my Community?

A Quick Recap and Crowdsourcing Datasets

We start off the day quickly recaping what we’ve learned so far! We then will explore how we can use crowdsourcing to improve our datasets and enable ML for all!


STEM/ML in the Navajo Nation

There are countless ways to launch machine learning-powered innovations in your own communities. Some students from Navajo Technical University will share some of their ideas to get your brainstorming session started!


Breakout Discussions

In small groups, brainstorm a list of ideas for ways you could use ML in your communities! Think big and small.

Then consider the following questions together:

  • How would you prioritize which opportunity to go after first? Why do you think your favorite opportunity is the most important?
  • What data would you need to collect?
  • How could you go about collecting that data? What kinds of sensors might you need?
  • How would you deploy your system? How often would it need to communicate? What kind of battery life would it need?
  • How might the data drift over time? How might you correct that?
  • How will you make sure your system protects people’s privacy? Can you make sure it is secure?

Large Group Discussion

As we return, let’s discuss the following together;

  • What did you think was the most exciting idea from your breakout discussion? Why?
  • What do you think will be the hardest challenges faced by all of your ideas? What are some ways to overcome those challenges?

Your Ideas

Together, we brainstormed so many great ideas for ML applications in the Navajo Nation and other communities! Here are some of our favorite ones:

  • Use ML to identify native and invasive species
  • Use ML image detection and translation to preserve the Navajo language
  • Use AI to detect radon in homes
  • Crowdsource images of monuments as a historical record
  • Use ML to identify uranium mining contaminants in soil
  • Catalogue wildflowers around reservation
  • Track species population numbers to ensure availability of habitat and food chain

Preview of the Afternoon Session