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The 2022 African Regional Workshop on SciTinyML: Scientific Use of Machine Learning on Low-Power Devices was run virtually from April 25-29, 2022.
We hope you enjoyed the workshop!

Day Date Topics Speakers and Materials
Day 1 Monday Introduction to Embedded ML (tinyML)
   1:00:00 PM  Conference Opening and Schedule
   1:20:00 PM  Keynote - Vijay Janpa Reddi
   2:15:00 PM  Introduction to Machine Learning
   3:50:00 PM  Day Closing

Day 2 Tuesday Hands-on Embedded ML - Anomaly Detection with Edge Impulse
   1:00:00 PM  Day Opening
   1:05:00 PM  Introduction to Edge Impulse
   1:20:00 PM  Connecting the TinyML Kit and Edge Impulse
   1:35:00 PM  Supervised Learning and Motion Classification
   1:50:00 PM  Hands-on Motion Classification
   2:35:00 PM  Unsupervised Learning and Anomaly Detection
   2:50:00 PM  Hands-on Anomaly Detection
   3:35:00 PM  Conclusion and Q&A
   3:55:00 PM  Day Closing

Day 3 Wednesday Hands-on Computer Vision and Applications of TinyML
   1:00:00 PM  Day Opening
   1:05:00 PM  Convolutions for Hands-on Computer Vision
   2:50:00 PM  Farmland Pest Detection with UAVs
   3:10:00 PM  Cotton Leaf Anomaly Detection
   3:30:00 PM  Foot and Mouth Disease Detection in Cattle
   3:50:00 PM  Day Closing

Day 4 Thursday Hands-on Key Word Spotting and Ethical TinyML
   1:00:00 PM  Day Opening
   1:05:00 PM  Data Pre-Processing for Hands-on Keyword Spotting
   2:45:00 PM  Responsible AI
   3:50:00 PM  Day Closing

Day 5 Friday Applications of TinyML for Africa
   1:00:00 PM  Day Opening
   1:05:00 PM  UNESCO and Disaster Response
   1:35:00 PM  ITU AI/ML in 5G Challenge
   1:50:00 PM  Detecting Powerline Noise with Low-Cost Sensors
   2:10:00 PM  Wildfire Detection
   2:30:00 PM  Self Diagnostic Kit for Respiratory Diseases
   2:50:00 PM  Low Cost River Water Quality Monitoring System
   3:10:00 PM  Anti Poaching Device
   3:30:00 PM  AI Africa Consortium
   3:50:00 PM  Workshop Closing