We have posted all the materials from the edX specialization as well as our custom Arduino Library and all supporting Colab Notebooks. All of the materials are open source licensed and are at most non-commercial share alike – which means just cite us and you can use it all for free! You can also find materials from other TinyML courses and workshops that have been developed in the table below.

We are also trying to track and provide links to others to all TinyML course materials that are created to make it even easier for others to launch courses so we ask that if you create a course based on these materials that you consider posting your materials publicly and sending us a link so we can add it to the table below.

Finally, if you want to be more involved with our effort to help improve access to TinyML educational materials and hardware resources worldwide please check out the TinyML4D working group!

Questions, comments, concerns, suggestions for improvement – reach out to us at edu@tinyML.org!

Existing Materials

Course Name Date of Course Target Audience Language of Instruction Language of Materials Course Website Materials Link
edX tinyML Specialization Launched 2020-2021 Everyone English English link link
SciTinyML 2021 October 2021 Everyone English English link link
Harvard CS249r Sept-Dec 2020 Graduate Students English English link link
UNIFEI IESTI01-T01 Jan-July 2021 Undergraduate Students Portuguese English link link
UNIFEI IESTI01-T02 Aug-Dec 2021 Undergraduate Students Portuguese English link link
CRESTLEX 3.0 June 2021 Middle and High School Students and Teachers English English link link