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SciTinyML: Scientific Use of Machine Learning on Low-Power Devices will be run remotely in English for 2024 from May 6-10.
Register to attend for free by Friday, April 26, 2024 on the ICTP website!
We are also actively soliciting submissions for short talks during our Show and Tell day! Please follow this link to learn more!

To view the materials and videos from past years SciTinyML workshops and TinyML4D seminars please visit the TinyML4D Past Events page.

This year’s theme is Applications and Advanced Topics. We’ll still begin the workshop with our usual open introduction to TinyML through Hands-on Labs on Days 1 and 2 to get everyone up to speed and then will transition toward more application focused and advanced topics (see the schedule below for more details).

SciTinyML is an ICTP Virtual Meeting supported by the TinyML4D Academic Network and open to all.

TinyML is a subfield of Machine Learning focused on developing models that can be executed on small, real-time, low-power, and low-cost embedded devices. This allows for new scientific applications to be developed at an extremely low cost and at large scale.

TinyML represents a collaborative effort between the embedded power systems and Machine Learning communities, which traditionally have operated independently. TinyML has a significant role to play in achieving the SDGs and facilitating scientific research in areas such as environmental monitoring, physics of complex systems and energy management.

The TinyML process starts with collecting data from IoT devices, then training the collected dataset to extract knowledge patterns; these patterns are then packaged into a TinyML model that considers the target microprocessor’s limited resources such as memory, processing power, and energy.

Through hands-on examples, this workshop will focus on both introductory and advanced topics in TinyML to pave the way to the development of real-world applications.

Workshop Topics:

  • Introduction to TinyML
  • Getting Started with the TinyML Kit
  • Examples of TinyML Applications
  • The TinyML Development Workflow
  • Scientific Applications of ML
  • Recent Research and Advanced Topics in TinyML

View the Workshop Flyer!


Draft Schedule Subject to Change

Day Date Topics Speakers and Materials
Day 1 Monday Introduction to (tiny)ML
   1:00:00 PM  Workshop Opening and Schedule
   1:10:00 PM  Opening Keynote
   2:00:00 PM  AI and ML Overview
   3:00:00 PM  Education in TinyML
   3:45:00 PM  Day Closing

Day 2 Tuesday The TinyML Development Workflow
   1:00:00 PM  Day Opening
   1:05:00 PM  Academia-Industry Partnerships
   1:50:00 PM  Edge Impulse Overview and Update
   2:35:00 PM  Hands-on Motion Classification and Anomaly Detection
   3:55:00 PM  Day Closing

Day 3 Wednesday Education & Applications
   1:00:00 PM  Day Opening
   1:05:00 PM  TinyML Devices Enabling Physical GPT
   1:45:00 PM  Experiences using TinyML Tools in Teaching Biomedical Engineering
   2:25:00 PM  Data Fusion in Tinyml and Applications in Biology and Federated Learning
   3:00:00 PM  Arduino and Education
   3:55:00 PM  Day Closing

Day 4 Thursday TinyML Show and Tell
   1:00:00 PM  Day Opening
   1:05:00 PM  Show and Tell Introduction
   1:10:00 PM  Local Feature Alignment for Efficient TinyML Training on Low-Power Devices
   1:30:00 PM  A Machine Learning-oriented Overview on Tiny Machine Learning: Theory, Methods and Applications
   1:50:00 PM  Development of an animal tracking system using Tiny Machine Learning kits
   2:10:00 PM  Development of an embedded system for predicting humidity in hydroponic germination of phenolic sponges based on RNN/LSTM
   2:30:00 PM  TinyML: Possibilities, Trends, Prospects, and Challenges in Power Systems
   2:50:00 PM  TinyML Devices are Vulnerable: A Study of Attack kill chain for TinyML Devices
   3:10:00 PM  Development of an algorithm that predicts hand movement in the game rock, paper and scissors with the use of TinyML and Arduino nano BLE
   3:30:00 PM  Q&A and TinyMLjs demo
   3:55:00 PM  Day Closing

Tiago de Souza Farias, Amanda G. Valerio of UFSCar, Brazil
Slides | Video

Luigi Capogrosso , Franco Fummi, and Marco Cristani of University of Verona, Italy
Slides | Video

Jhoel Quispe Alvarado, Nicolás Catalano, Luis H. Arnaldi and Laila Kazimierski of Instituto Balseiro, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina
Slides | Video

Gustavo P. Castro Abdallah of Universidad Nacional de Rafaela, Argentina
Slides | Video

Babalola, John Oluwaseun of Bowen University, Nigeria
Slides | Video

Parin Shah, Yuvaraj Govindarajulu, Pavan Kulkarni and Manojkumar Parmar of AIShield, Bosch Global Software Technology, Bengaluru, India
Slides | Video

Brayan A. Arenas F. Silvia A. Emmanuel David Angarita. Sotelo-Lopez of Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Colombia
Slides | Video

Jeremy Ellis and team of TinyML4D Group
Slides | Video
Day 5 Friday Recent Research and Advanced Topics in TinyML
   1:00:00 PM  Day Opening
   1:05:00 PM  On-Device Learning
   1:50:00 PM  Fingerprinting
   2:35:00 PM  Responsible TinyML
   3:05:00 PM  Workshop Closing and Future Events
   3:25:00 PM  TinyML4D Regional Networking


Contact with any questions regarding this workshop.


We would like to thank ICTP, Harvard SEAS, Barnard College, the Universidade Federal de Itajubá, and the tinyML Foundation for their continued leadership and support of all of our TinyML educational content!