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The Edge ML University Program 2023: Workshop on Widening Access to TinyML Network by Establishing Best Practices in Education was run in person in English at ICTP from from July 3-7 2023. Thanks for coming!

This workshop aims to develop sustainable university programs in embedded machine learning (also known as TinyML).

We will do so by first bridging the gap between leveraging standard open-access course materials and adapting these materials for local and regional contexts. We will also share best practices and learnings that our network has gained through their implementation of these adaptations over the past few years. We will then augment these courses by exploring the development of university research programs centered on embedded machine learning. We will discuss how to leverage these programs to provide students and faculty with extra-curricular experience and develop new technologies and publications in the field of embedded machine learning. We will also explore how these research agendas can be used to support scientific applications and sustainable development.

Grants: A limited number of grants are available to support the attendance of selected participants, with priority given to participants from developing countries. There is no registration fee.


The workshop will run each day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time. You can find a draft schedule below, exact timing and topics subject to change.

Day Date Topics Speakers and Materials
Day 1 Monday Embedded ML Education Day 1
   9:15 AM  Workshop Opening and Call to Action
   9:30 AM  Introductions and Sharing of Attendees
   10:00 AM  Coffee Break
   10:30 AM  Experience Sessions - Long TinyML course
       - Hardware Architectures for Embedded and Edge AI - Manuel Roveri
       - An Undergrad Engineering Course on Project Development - Marcelo Rovai
       - Launching TinyML edX and Long Term Support - Brian Plancher
   12:00 PM  Lunch
   1:30 PM  Experience Sessions - Long TinyML course
       - Experiences in Teaching TinyML to (Under)Graduate Students - Jesus Lopez
       - Deprecation, Client Side, and TinyMLjs - Jeremy Ellis
   2:30 PM  Experience Session Reflections and Lessons Learned
   3:15 PM  Coffee Break
   3:40 PM  Experience Session Reflections and Lessons Learned (Continued)
   5:00 PM  Day Closing
   7:00 PM  Informal Social Dinner

Day 2 Tuesday Embedded ML Education Day 2
   9:00 AM  Keynote Session - Alessandro Grande
       An Overview of Edge Impulse and its Latest Features
   9:55 AM  Coffee Break
   10:10 AM  Keynote Session - Evgeni Gousev
       Academia-Industry Partnerships from the Perspective of the
       tinyML Foundation and a Call to Action for tinyMLedu
   11:05 AM  (rescheduled) Keynote Session - David Cuartielles
       Is open source all that is needed to create a good education programme?
       Three experiences in designing courses for massive adoption.
   12:00 PM  Lunch
   1:15 PM  Designing Open Training Materials - Marcus Rüb and Thomas Amberg
   1:45 PM  Experience Sessions - Short TinyML courses
       - TinyML Course at ITU - Sebastian Buettrich
       - TinyML Teaching Experience - Solomon Gizaw
       - TinyML Teaching Experience and Supervising Capstone Projects - Ronald Criollo
       - The Challenging First Steps of Graduate Students in TinyML - Diego Mendez Chaves
       - Micro-Credential Course on TinyML - Rosdiadee Nordin
   3:45 PM  Coffee Break
   4:00 PM  Experience Session Reflections and Lessons Learned
   5:00 PM  Day Closing
   7:00 PM  ICTP Dinner

Day 3 Wednesday Research and Hands-On Practice
   9:00 AM  Keynote Session - Eric Pan
       Making Sense of the Wild
   10:00 AM  Coffee Break
   10:30 AM  From LoRa to the Cloud: Bridging Physical and Digital Worlds - Pietro Manzoni
   11:30 AM  Benefits and Challenges of using Low Cost Weather Stations – Paul Kucera
   12:30 PM  Lunch
   1:30 PM  Monitoring Mosquitoes for Public Health with TinyML – Cyril Caminade
   2:30 PM  Hands-On Hardware Demos (Part 1) - Marcelo Rovai and Jose Antonio Bagur
   3:30 PM  Coffee Break
   4:00 PM  Hands-On Hardware Demos (Part 2) - Marcelo Rovai and Jose Antonio Bagur
   5:00 PM  Day Closing
Eric Pan of Seeed Studio

Day 4 Thursday Research and Embedded ML University Program White Paper
   9:00 AM  Research Talks Part 1
       - TinyML Research and Human Health Monitoring - Neena Goveas
       - Anomaly Detection Course - Jose Antonio Bagur
   10:00 AM  Coffee Break
   10:20 AM  Research Talks Part 2
       - Animal Tracking - Laila Kazimierski
       - Utility Metering, Logistics Tracking, and Agriculture Fungal Disease - Milan Lukic
       - Illegal Logging Detection - Jackline Tum
       - Vocalization Signal-Based Poultry Health Management - Halleluyah Aworinde
       - ML Sensors and the Environmental Impact of TinyML - Brian Plancher
   12:30 PM  Lunch
   2:00 PM  White Paper on Embedded ML University Program Design Part 1
       Working Outline
       Curriculum Topics
   5:00 PM  Day Closing
   5:00 - 7:00 PM  SciFabLab visit

Day 5 Friday Growing the 4D Network and Increasing Collaboration
   9:00 AM  White Paper on Embedded ML University Program Design Part 2
   10:00 AM  Coffee Break
   10:30 AM  White Paper on Embedded ML University Program Design Part 3
   12:00 PM  Lunch
   1:30 PM  Feedback and Next Steps
       Action Items
   3:00 PM  Closing Ceremony


Contact with any questions regarding this workshop.


We would like to thank ICTP, Harvard SEAS, Barnard College, the Universidade Federal de Itajubá, Edge Impulse, Arm, Arduino, Seeed Studio, and the tinyML Foundation for their continued leadership and support of our TinyML educational content!