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The 2022 Asian Regional Workshop on SciTinyML: Scientific Use of Machine Learning on Low-Power Devices was run virtually from June 6-10, 2022.
We hope you enjoyed the workshop!

Day Date Topics Speakers and Materials
Day 1 Monday Introduction to Embedded ML (tinyML)
   7:00:00 AM  Conference Opening and Schedule
   7:30:00 AM  Keynote - Vijay Janpa Reddi
   8:30:00 AM  Introduction to Machine Learning
   9:55:00 AM  Day Closing

Day 2 Tuesday Introduction to Embedded ML with Edge Impulse and the Seeed TinyML Kit
   7:00:00 AM  Day Opening
   7:05:00 AM  Introduction to Machine Learning (Part 2)
   8:00:00 AM  Introduction to Edge Impulse
   9:00:00 AM  Introduction to the the Seeed TinyML Kit
   9:55:00 AM  Day Closing

Day 3 Wednesday Hands-on Motion Classification and Responsible AI
   7:00:00 AM  Day Opening
   7:05:00 AM  Hands-on Motion Classification and Anomaly detection
   9:00:00 AM  Responsible AI
   9:55:00 AM  Day Closing

Day 4 Thursday Hands-on Computer Vision and Key Word Spotting
   7:00:00 AM  Day Opening
   7:05:00 AM  Hands-on Keyword Spotting
   8:30:00 AM  Convolutions for Hands-on Computer Vision
   9:25:00 AM  University Case Studies
   9:55:00 AM  Day Closing

Rama Samy Naidu of King Faisal University

Adisorn Lertsinsrubtavee of Asian Institute of Technology
Day 5 Friday Applications of TinyML for Asia
   7:00:00 AM  Day Opening
   7:05:00 AM  FOMO
   8:00:00 AM  Case Study: Our Experience Building an Industrial IoT (IIoT) Solution Business
   8:30:00 AM  Case Study: Design and Deployment of IoT Devices: from Edge to Data Centers
   9:00:00 AM  Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development: Disaster Risk Reduction
   9:40:00 AM  Case Study: Design of an Amplifier for Reverse Osmosis Desalination
   10:00:00 AM  Discussion: Challenges for TinyML Research Collaboration in Asian
   10:50:00 AM  Workshop Closing

Apinun Tunpan of SMART Sense Industrial Design Company Limited, Thailand
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Reginald Juan Magpantay Mercado of GTek Research, Philippines
Slides | Video